Monday, August 31, 2009

New Hovie work for Tote Vision

It's great to re-connect with clients. At Design Hovie Studios we recently were able to re-connect with a contact who was our very first client. He's now with Tote Vision, a leader in high end, long life tvs and monitors. We were brought in to help evolve the brand and have been working on a new web site and printed materials for the company. Our first piece has finished, a 32 page product catalog. We helped re-organize the product specs into more easily read segments and showcased their products on a brand blue background. A great project and many others are in the works. Read more at

Friday, August 14, 2009

SSFC Euro style sweater

As a Seattle Sounders FC season ticket holder and huge supporter, I'm always looking for cool new Sounders' stuff. Having lived in and run Design Hovie Studios in Milan for years, I really liked the looks of the sweatshirts/sweaters sported by supporters of teams there. Shown above is a typical style seen on the streets in Italy promoting the local team. Although not commonly seen here in the States, I think it would be a top seller if produced for the Sounders. Here to hoping they agree.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


At Design Hovie Studios we've been busy completing our client list portfolio. Our goal is to eventually have a sample photo of every project we've completed over the past 11 years. Quite a task but I think it will make for some very informative viewing. Here is a list of some of the recent additions:

U16 Miss Elam Unlimited Hydroplane Logo
U16 Miss Elam Unlimited Hydroplane Letterhead
Watson's Harverene Resort Map and Directory
Wavtrace Broadband Logo
Wavtrace Broadband Business Card
Genie Industries Invitation
Genie Industries Direct Mail Piece
Genie Industries Brochure
Improbability Press Logo
Sabina Telenska Brand Identity
Thomas Nault Logo
Addict Golf Wear Logo

Monday, August 10, 2009

Search engines and placement

At Design Hovie Studios, a Seattle graphic design firm specializing in visual solutions for web sites, brand identity logos, and print, we've dealt with the continuing struggle of rankings on Google and other search engines. What Design Hovie Studios in Seattle has realized is that repeating your name, Design Hovie Studios, and what you do, graphic design for web print and identity, and your location, the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle Washington USA, in a creative way is a craft unto itself.

In the 90s we could get away with simply putting "graphic design seattle" in our META tags 1000 times and we'd rank high. Fortunately, Google and other search engines caught on to this and began black listing sites that did this. So we, Design Hovie Studios in Seattle, had to get creative and put our name, Design Hovie Studios, and what we do, web sites, logos, brand identity, brochures, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, post cards, packaging, labels, etc. in actual text (no white text on white backgrounds) on as many pages as possible.

It can be a little cumbersome for the reader (to read Design Hovie Studios over and over again) but it does help in the rankings. I'm sure somewhere there is a class on this craft. A sort of "writing for web sites" course, that teaches how to optimize your text to get the right people to your site (Design Hovie Studios site is

Hey, it's a constant challenge for graphic designers in Seattle and all over the world to get people to find your site (again Design Hovie Studios site is and use that site,, to contact you to create logos, or web sites, or brochures, or post cards, or full brand identities for them. Every little bit helps.