Monday, April 26, 2010

Hospitality Brochure for ToteVision

Design Hovie Studios has recently completed designing the new Hospitality brochure for Seattle company ToteVision. ToteVision makes commercial grade televisions and monitors that can run continuously for 4 years! Perfect for the wear and tear the units will endure in hotels, restaurants, bars, lobbies, etc. where they need to be on round the clock.

The new brochures showcase the sets in actual environments giving the viewer a clear idea of where and how these sets can be used. Design Hovie Studios created a new color pallet (differing from ToteVision's corporate royal blue) for the piece that uses designer tones (espresso, sky, slate, and harvest yellow) seen in hotel environments.

The project was completed in one month by Creative Director Hovie Hawk and designer Maxwell Churchill.