Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hovie Designs New ID for Watson's Alpenhorn Cafe

Design Hovie Studios has created the new brand for Watson's Alpenhorn Cafe in Chelan Washington. The historic Alpenhorn was originally opened in 1967 and has become a mainstay on Lake Chelan under various different owners. The cafe was recently purchased by Watson's Resort and renamed Watson's Alpenhorn Cafe.

Watson's asked Hovie, who created the Watson's resort logo, to create a new brand that incorporated the existing Watson's brand with the old time Alpenhorn look. Since nothing but old signs existed from the original Alpenhorn look, Hovie created the Alpenhorn typeface by doing tracings of the old signs and combining that type with the familiar Watson's script.

The result is a completely familiar look for residents of the South Shore of Lake Chelan who have come to know both Watson's Resort and the Alpenhorn over the past half century. View the new Watson's Alpenhorn online at